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The Magic of Cosmetic Dentistry

The Magic of Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking beautiful is no longer just skin deep. Your smile is the first thing that anyone notices about you. A pleasant smile goes a long way towards creating a good impression. The latest procedures of cosmetic dentistry can help you get rid of any dental drawback that you may have. These procedures can solve problems like yellow, discolored, or crooked teeth.

Some cosmetic dentistry procedures

Dental Implants: This procedure replaces missing or broken teeth. Small titanium implants are inserted in the jaw bone so that it acts as a strong foundation for the artificial teeth. If the implant is placed perfectly then they last for a very long time. These artificial teeth are as good as real ones and are used during eating. Implants are best option for replacing the missing teeth.

Metal Free Porcelain Crowns: A crown is needed when a tooth is damaged beyond repair. These crowns do not produce the black gum line which is so common with porcelain metal crowns. The crowns actually look better than natural teeth because they have perfect shapes.

Porcelain Veneers: A porcelain veneer is a thin cover that is permanently attached to the surface of the teeth. These veneers give the perfect look to teeth by covering up the cracks, chips, gaps and stains. If required, it can be used to make a short tooth longer for cosmetic purposes.

Teeth Whitening: Sometimes teeth get stained or discolored due to consumption of tea, coffee and some medicines, or because of bad habits like smoking. You need not live with these stains all your life. You can opt for the teeth whitening treatment and get perfectly white teeth. Teeth whitening procedure is conducted by applying strong concentrations of peroxide. These chemicals are applied by the experts. They take necessary precautions and ensure that the gums and other oral tissues do not get harmed. If patients have good dental habits, the results last for years.

The perfect smile can be achieved by some other procedures too. Some of these procedures are gum contouring, laser bacterial reduction procedure, and laser periodontal therapy. You will find several dental clinics conducting these procedures. Some of the well known clinics have their own websites. You should gather as much information as you can about the dentist and the procedures of the clinic before you choose to undergo treatment.