July 13, 2024


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The Famous Adage “Health Is Wealth”

The Famous Adage “Health Is Wealth”

Everyone is familiar with the famous adage “health is wealth”, but few actually understand its complexities as a perception. Health is about the state of a person’s body, that it is free from injury, illness and pain. If you dig deeper into the topic, you will discover that it’s mainly about physical and mental fitness. Both these concepts are strongly correlated, hence should be comprehended meticulously if one wants to live a healthy life.

Physical health:

The meaning of physical well being varies from one individual to another. For some, it’s the potential to engage in different activities, whereas for others it’s more about looking and feeling good. Staying in good physical health is something most people want to achieve, but it’s not that straightforward as it may sound.

Becoming healthier physically doesn’t have to be resentful or difficult either, but you have to take a realistic approach and move beyond your comfort-zone to practice healthy habits. The common trait that hale and hearty individuals share is their ardor to pick up good habits and persevere with them.

The first step is always the hardest! You need to be dedicated and use your willpower to overcome the initial hurdle. Things will become easier once you cross the “first step impediment” successfully. Although, it has been found that even after completing the first step effectively, many fail to carry the zeal into the next level. This is because most people expect positive results overnight.

Don’t try to become Arnold Schwarzenegger in a single day. Rather, set your goals and break them down into small steps so that you can accomplish them easily on a daily basis. The initial triumph will boost your confidence level, which will push you further to achieve more. Bear in mind that confidence produces success! Eat right, relieve stress, exercise regularly and sleep tight to start feeling good and relaxed physically in no time.

Mental health:

Mental health is as vital as physical fitness and should not be neglected. The key to a fit, energetic, vigorous, and in-shape body is a healthy and active brain. No matter how fit and strong you are physically, if your brain is not functioning well, things aren’t easy for you. The human brain resembles the fertile loam where everything nurtures. Being mentally unfit means getting involved in anxiety, depression, or other psychological and physical issues.

Don’t misinterpret the concept; read between the lines. Factors like loss, change and disappointment are an integral part of everyone’s life. People who are mentally sick generally lose the ability to cope with the tough phases, whereas individuals with healthy brain can easily extricate the challenges thrown at them.

Unless you are born with any mental disability, you can keep your brain healthy and active throughout your life by doing simple things. Feed your brain properly and stay physically active to be mentally fit and sound. Experts suggest that the activities that dare the human brain usually keep it stimulated.

For example, you can train your mind by doing logic puzzles, studying, solving crossword puzzles, playing challenging games like chess, and learning new languages. By continuously challenging the brain, it is able to create new nerve pathways. Studies have shown that new nerve-pathways are good for mental health.

Complete fitness:

Remember, unlike wines, the human body doesn’t really get better with the course of time. If you want to live a happy life, you must try to stay fit and healthy. No doubt that early obstacle will strive to push you back, but with the strong desire and resolution you can ultimately achieve your goals. Keeping your body and mind fit isn’t as complicated as it sounds; just take the first step forward; everything else will follow.