June 24, 2024


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The Best Natural Feminine Care Products for Women (& Why You Might Want to Make the Switch)


Sooo, yup— we’re likely there these days. Let’s discuss about periods. And the female care goods that come with them. Enjoyment stuff, you fellas!

But really, when you faucet into your menstrual cycle and get to know it really very well, it uncovers all sorts of practical information and facts about your mood, electricity, starvation, need to go, hormones and sooo much a lot more each individual month. It’s like tapping into our possess solution code, and obtaining to genuinely realize our bodies from the within out. 

I’ll share some of my favorite books and sources under on cycle monitoring and how it can affect virtually Anything in your existence. But for now, if you have hardly ever finished so, I’d actually really encourage you to start off trying to keep monitor of your cycle. Not just the days when you have your interval, but almost everything in advance of and right after, much too. Preserve a notebook and make notice of your bodily indications for a couple of whole cycles: how your snooze is, your vitality, any cramping/bloating, your temper/irritability, starvation and cravings, skin wellbeing/breakouts, thirst levels… all the things you can believe of to keep track of.

It does not need to be extensive or challenging, but just retain a day by day log of these matters for a number of cycles. You could possibly see sure tendencies, which are signals for strategies to improved care for by yourself in distinctive phases of your cycle. And men, it is Truly great when you get started to discover how your strength, hormones, temper and additional ebb and circulation in the course of the month. 

Much more than that, we want to be acutely aware about what we’re making use of to care for our bodies when it’s “that” time of the thirty day period. Mainly because, most cotton items and feminine products are whole of bleach and harsh chemicals that can leach into your entire body, particularly with tampons that are internal.

A lot of of the chemical substances discovered in your conventional feminine treatment products are endocrine disruptors that can genuinely mess with our hormones, and incorporate to our toxic load. And I’m only talking about the unscented ones! “Fragrance” is also another massive endocrine disrupter… most generally observed in, well, every thing female treatment. (And all the things specific to girls in normal,  like candes, bodywash, perfumes, etc… but that is a write-up for yet another working day.)

But the great news? There are so many better alternatives these days, from reusable interval cups to organic and natural cotton tampons and pads to period of time underwear, there is an selection for whatsoever your tastes are. 

My favourite all-natural feminine care products and solutions:

  1. Very best pads
  2. Favored organic and natural tampons: these or these
  3. Period of time cup: Do not be intimidated by this! I guarantee, it is SO easy and way decrease servicing than pads/tampons once you get the hang of it. In reality, this is what I use most of all. I appreciate that it will come in 2 sizes. I was weirded out at to start with, but I enjoy that I really don’t have to hold obtaining products (so significantly $ saved around your life time!), it does not leak, and I can under no circumstances feel it.  

Other terrific guides & resources on all points organic periods, hormones & fertility in this article: 

  1. Having Demand of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler
  2. Girl Code by Alisa Vitti
  3. In The Flo by Alisa Vitti
  4. Period of time Mend Handbook by Lara Briden


While you are at it, it is never a bad plan to improve your self-treatment and skincare merchandise!

Examine out my all-time most loved natural and non-poisonous pores and skin and personalized care products and solutions, and consider 10% off your to start with buy making use of code ‘simplyrealhealth’ at checkout!

photo by Carina Skrobecki


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