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Scam Or Legit MLM Company?


In this blog post, I will show you complete company information about Norwex MLM Company and the truth of Is Norwex Pyramid Scheme.

Norwex MLM

Here, you will know about,

  • Norwex Company Profile
  • Norwex compensation plan
  • Norwex pyramid scheme
  • And many more.

So, Let’s get started.

What Is Norwex?

Norwex is a multi-level marketing company that sells household cleaning products. Bjorn Nicolaisen has founded the company in Norway, in 1994. And, Now the company operates its business around the world, with more than 90,000 independent consultants in 14 markets.

Bjorn Nicolaisen was a lawyer when he discovered that a microfiber cloth could clean a very dirty and bug-sprayed windshield with only water which gave him the idea to make products using a Microfiber cloth to clean the house in an environmentally friendly way.

To execute this idea and give environment-friendly clean product, he launched this company with Eidsvoll Miljoprodukter in a short time, it is more popular widely in Norway.

Its popularity continued to grow, and finally, in 1999 Debbie Bolton launched the Norwex Environment product in Canada. And, now Debbie is still the company’s global sales manager.

Now, Norwex company spread business and products to Germany, New Zealand, England, Sweden, Estonia, Australia Latvia, Lithuania, and the United States.

The mission of Norwex MLM company is “Improve the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in homes.”

Who is Bjorn Nicolaisen ?

Before starting the Norwex Company, Bjorn Nicolaisen worked as a lawyer in the Norwegian Ministry of Environment. He established his own law practice in 1988. Also, Bjorn Nicolaisen was the representative of the nation of Norway in the office of the Attorney General. Despite the lack of experience in the MLM sector before Norwex, it seems to be running smoothly year after year.

Norwex Company Profile

Company Name Norwex
Founder Bjorn Nicolaisen
Started 1994
Product Categories Household Cleaner, Personal Products
Headoffice 800 W. Bethel Rd. Suite 100
Coppell, TX 75019
Website www.norwex.biz
Phone Number 1-866-450-7499

What are Norwex’s Products?

These are the following Product categories of Norwex which the company produces and sell widely.

  • Microfiber Cleaners
  • Household Supplies
  • Products for Kids & Pets
  • Personal Care

According to Norwex company, only a few of the 80000 chemicals used to clean homes are safe for humans. And, About 70 times more chemicals are released into the indoor air than outdoors.

The main goal of all Norwex products is to alleviate these environmental and help people lead more responsible lives.

One of Norway’s specialty microfiber fabrics is the ‘Little Red Cloth’ and its flagship product is ‘envirocloth’. EnviroCloth is eliminated up to 99% of bacteria on the wet surface, there is no need to use other chemical cleaners.

Norwex produces and sells a number of products in addition to microfiber, including:

  • Hand lotion
  • Spray bottle
  • Serum of the mouth
  • Detergent
  • Mattress cleaner
  • Stain remover
  • Toilet spray

There are several other products that use the same BacLock technology, including:

  • Hand and body towels
  • Pet towel
  • Window coverings
  • Mops
  • Sheets
  • Dusting mitts

The Norwex MLM product line uses enzymes instead of harsh chemicals. Among all products, the most popular are:

  • EnviroCloth ($18.99): EnviroCloth is a microfiber cloth that contains a backlock antibacterial agent for cleansing.
  • Norwex Laundry Detergent ($ 24.99): It is A highly concentrated detergent Powder for laundry that is phosphate and filler-free.
  • Window Clothes (19.99): Window Clothes allow you to clean surfaces such as windows, shower doors, mirrors, glass tables, and much more. with water only. 
  • Superior Mop Starter System ($ 112.99): Superior Mop is a floor system for cleaning chemical-free floors.
  • Dusting Meat (20.99): A meat that lets you dust without chemicals, wet or dry.
  • Bathroom Cleaner ($ 29.99): Bathroom Cleaner contains biodegradable ingredients and is phosphate-free.

Norwex Compensation Plan

When you join Norwex Opportunity you will be able to build a team by sponsoring new mentors on your downline. The company also offers a 35% discount to consultants for personal retail sales.

Most MLM companies use incredibly complex compensation plans that are extremely difficult to understand. And Norwex is one of the MLMs that employs such a complex salary scheme

Still, to make it easier for you, I’ll do my best to keep you moving.

According to their compensation plan, There are types of income of the company.

1. 4-Star Free Host Program

In 4-Star Free Host Program, consultants of the company will receive free products based on how many were sold during a house party and how many people join under the consultant.

2. Personal Retail Sales Discount

You have already known, What is Retail Income? In short, when you buy products from the company at the Distributor’s price and sell it in MRP, the middle profit is.

In Norwex MLM. Consultants get discounts of up to 35% on any product purchased. If you sell your products online or in person, you will get a 35% commission.

3. FreshSTART Rewards Sales Plan

Basically, FreshSTART Rewards Sales are the step-wise plan of the company. When you complete one step, you will jump over to the next step and get benefits from each and every step.

  • Step 1: You get a free product worth $140 for every $400 worth of a sale.
  • Step 2: You will receive Products $190 worth of free products for a $ 1000-worth sale within the first 30 days.
  • Step 3: You will receive Products of $235 worth of free products for sale within the first 60 days.

A consultant will receive an additional $150-worth of free Norwex products when your newly joined member completes their first step.

4. FreshSTART Rewards Team Building Plan

In FreshSTART Rewards Team Building Plan, you have to complete 3 steps to get this income.

  • Step 1: Within the first 45 days of joining you as a Consultant, you need to recruit a new member and you will receive a Norwex demo bag.
  • Step 2: When you bring two new recruits in your first 60 days, you will receive a Norwex mop bag.
  • Step 3: In the same way, If you hire three new members in your first 90 days, you will have the opportunity to become a Norwegian carry-on bag and team coordinator.

In short, you must sell a total of $250 within one month of joining to match the criteria of the FreshSTART Rewards Team Building Plan.

5. Qualified Recruit Bonus

In Qualified Recruit Bonus, You can choose from a $300 free product for each new qualified individual hire. An eligible Personal Consultant is a Norwex Consultant you hire and earn at least $2000 in retail sales within the first 90 days of joining the company.

6. Uni-Level Commissions

There are 5 levels in the Uni-level Commission income which is used in the company.

  • Level 1: You got that appointment personally
  • Level 2: Hiring your 1st level consultants
  • Level 3: Hiring your 2nd level consultants

The more Uni-level commission you will receive from the company, when the higher your rank, the higher the level of advisors on your downline.

1. Consultant: There is no Uni-level commission

2. Team Coordinator: 3% at Level 1

3. Sales leader:

  • 2% on Personally Appointed Assignments by Your Team Coordinators
  • 5% on all group sales by your team coordinators except individual hires
  • 1% at Level 1

4. Executive Sales Leader:

  • 2% on Personally Appointed Assignments by Your Team Coordinators
  • 5% on all group sales by your team coordinators except individual hires
  • 2% at Level 1

5. Senior Executive Sales Leader:

  • 2% on Personally Appointed Assignments by Your Team Coordinators
  • 5% on all group sales by your team coordinators except individual hires
  • 2% at Level 1
  • 1% at Level 2

6. Vice President Sales Leader:

  • 2% on Personally Appointed Assignments by Your Team Coordinators
  • 5% on all group sales by your team coordinators except individual hires
  • 2% at Level 1
  • 1% at Level 2
  • 1% at Level 3

7. Executive Vice President Sales Leader:

  • 2% on Personally Hired by Your Team Coordinator
  • 5% on all group sales by your team coordinators except individual hires
  • 2% at Level 1
  • 1% at Level 2
  • 1% at Level 3
  • 0.5% at Level 4

8. Senior Vice President Sales Leader:

  • 2% on Personally Hired by Your Team Coordinator
  • 5% on all group sales by your team coordinators except individual hires
  • 2% at Level 1
  • 1% at Level 2
  • 1% at Level 3
  • 1% at Level 4
  • 0.5% at Level 5

7. Monthly Car Bonus

If you reach the level of Vice-President Sales Leader or higher in the company, you will get a chance to the car a bonus worth $500 on a monthly basis, according to the rule of Norwex Monthly Car Bonus.

Note: Norwex Compensation plan varies from time to time. Therefore, some of the details given here in this review, such as commission rates, rank requirements, etc. May no longer apply when you read this because the company updates its plan in some time.

How to Join Norwex MLM?

To become a Norwex consultant, you need to contact the person (Existing Norwex Consultant) who told you about the opportunity or visit the Norwex website to find a mentor. Norwex MLM company offers an MLM compensation plan for a consultant. First, you can sign up for free and have to buy a starter kit, worth $2,000.

The only cost will be shipping and handling, which is $9.99. However, you must sell the inventory within 90 days or you will be charged $200.

Is Norwex Pyramid Scheme?

No. Norwex is not a pyramid scheme. Norwex is an MLM Company. It is possible for consultants to make money by selling products without hiring anyone else. Yet, you will get people who would say it’s worth a pyramid scheme. But it is a false thought.

Basically, Pyramid schemes only focus on recruitment and there is no product or lack of high-quality products. Not here. Norwex has some outstanding products that meet an irreplaceable demand in the market.

Is Norwex A Scam?

No. Norwex is not a Scam.

Norwex is a legitimate MLM company just like any other MLM out there. However, this does not mean that I am recommending people to join Norwex MLM for monetization. In my opinion, the main bad aspects are the extremely expensive price tags that not everyone can afford in advance and the free gifts and commissions that come with extremely strict conditions.

It is entirely possible to build a profitable, successful network marketing business but there are better ways to grow a business than network marketing. In fact, most people lose money by joining an MLM company. John M. Taylor researched that Network Marketing Success Rate is only 0.04%.

Pros and Cons of Norwex MLM Company


  • Norwex Company is an established Company. It has been working around for over 25 years.
  • The Purpose and vision of the company are to create more eco-friendly planets and raise awareness about the dangers of plastics and chemicals in the environment.
  • There is 60 days refund policy of the company after purchasing the product.
  • You can get a starter kit and accessories and become a Consultant for the company only by purchasing the product for only $200.


  • Norwex Company’s marketing platform is outdated, it is only focused on hosting parties to drive sales.
  • Promoting products for a green planet is not a new concept and Norwex has a very competitive market.
  • There are other eco-friendly products on the market at lower prices than Norwex that are more easily accessible.

FAQ’s on Norwex MLM

  1. Is Norwex considered an MLM?

    Norwex is an MLM company that provides environmentally personal care products and organic cleaning products It was founded in Norwex when the founder saw a microfiber cloth that he used to clean his windshield with nothing but water.

  2. Is it worth it to be a Norwex consultant?

    Norwex products are very expensive, especially Norwex fabrics, in my opinion, are worth your investment though it has a hefty price tag because they are eco-friendly and really effective.

  3. Does Norwex Product Really Remove Bacteria?

    Actually, Norwex Products do not kill bacteria. In fact, one particular science teacher conducted a test to deny Norwex’s claim to remove 99% of bacteria. What it does is inactivate bacteria through the silver material of Norwex cloth. It is still the hot water and soap that kills it.

  4. Do Norwex consultants get free shipping?

    Yes, When you first joined the company with Starter Kit and after that, if a Customer or Consultant spends $100 Sales or more!, Norwex Consultant will get Free Shopping.


I hope you have found complete information about Norwex MLM Company and Norwex Pyramid Scheme in this article. 

However, there are many factors you need to know before joining a network marketing company.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Have you already used Norwex’s products?

How are you satisfied with Norwex products?

Let me know in the comments Right now.

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