February 25, 2024


The Best Heatlh Under One Roof

Rethinking Food Waste to Save Money and Eat Better


This is my hypothesis and observation: When you start off operating on losing a lot less food stuff, you quickly stop up eating improved.


  • Simply because the celery does not rot in the fridge – you mix it into a smoothie.
  • The pieces of chicken get defrosted from the freezer and turned into dinner, as a substitute of working to the retailer once more or ordering choose-out.
  • The leftover bread gets built into croutons, which make the salad more fascinating to eat.
  • You glimpse at the ripe bananas or the blueberries in the fruit bin and feel “let’s make muffins and not waste these.
  • You get additional innovative for your function-at-property lunch, and make a quesadilla with leftovers or stuff a baked potato.

Repurpose leftovers by including them to a brief quesadilla.

A lot more meals, a lot less waste

The critical is to obtain food items, in particular perishable fruits and greens, that your family enjoys! There are tons of wholesome foods to decide on from!

Getting foods that you’ve been advised are nutritious for you, but you never like, only results in food squander and/or guilt. The goal of zero waste cooking is to system foods that you enjoy, that use about-lapping components just about every 7 days.

When you do this, you start out to really eat all of the food you get and keep at house. It might sound like prevalent perception, but after you start off observing your individual food items buying, storing and cooking behaviors at house, you could find that there is a good deal of untapped diet sitting down suitable in your kitchen area.

Above the past quite a few several years, “meal planning” has been a hot idea. It has been enable up for all the things from improving your nourishment consumption, to preserving time to losing excess weight. Traditional meal setting up does have its merits. Nonetheless meal setting up for zero squander takes a minor little bit of the sting away. I like to feel of it far more as “food planning” alternatively than food setting up.

Reward: you get to select meals you basically like to consume. This will allow all of your groceries to work overtime and supply. Click To Tweet

Food Setting up: Just one Ingredient, A number of Means

Fresh produce is tasty, but it also has a shorter lifetime. If it is not employed up or thoroughly frozen in just 5 days of purchase, it is heading to get started to wilt or go undesirable. Even though I want you to appreciate a selection of fruits and vegetables, you don’t have to have assortment each individual solitary day. You can take pleasure in selection above the month.

Let us say you like bell peppers. Concentrate on people this week, and invest in a bulk bag (typically much less highly-priced) then take pleasure in them in many means through the 7 days. You can slice them for a uncooked veggie tray or a salad. Or, slash them in fifty percent, things them with protein and rice (or other grain), and bake them. Chop them into a chili, or saute them for tacos or fajitas. All of these ideas will provide a unique meal every day, even though applying up all of the peppers you bought.

A classic pesto can serve this duel objective as well. You may well use it in pasta, but it is also a sandwich distribute or can be spread on to bread for an appetizer. Look at out my eco-friendly salad dressing that also doubles as a pasta sauce. 

Begin contemplating about how you can use equivalent substances in new strategies!

Enable me know what you appear up with!




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