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Pros and Cons of Extended Breastfeeding


Contributed by: Rachana Arya


Nursing over and above 1 or 2 a long time is considered extended breastfeeding. It can present considerable benefits to both of those the mom and kid. Even the Earth Overall health Firm (WHO) supports it, advising moms to breastfeed “up to two years of age and further than.”

Extended breastfeeding is meaningful and best diet for the kid. It can reward their actual physical well being, psychological properly-getting, and psychological bonding with the mum or dad. 

Nonetheless, prolonged breastfeeding can also pose some issues. 

Examine much more to find out about the benefits and down sides of extended breastfeeding.

Benefits of extended breastfeeding

Prolonged breastfeeding is not for every person, but scientists have documented many positive aspects affiliated with it. Breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding increases the expansion, development, and survival of the infant.

From a overall health point of view, the evidence of the energy of breastfeeding for lifelong health and prosperity is more robust than ever. 

Some of these positive aspects consist of:

Maternal health

A lengthier duration of breastfeeding is affiliated with a reduction in the incidence of kind 2 diabetic issues, ovarian cancer, and breast most cancers in the mother.

Additionally, it reduces the danger of, hypertension, obesity, and heart assault in the nursing mother.

The health and fitness of the little one

Babies’ immune techniques could be strengthened by breast milk’s higher antibody content. The prevalence of bacterial meningitis, diarrhoea, respiratory tract bacterial infections, bronchial asthma, unexpected infant death syndrome (SIDS), ear infections, and diabetes is diminished in breastfed babies.

Breastfeeding for additional than 6 months can safeguard small children from developing leukaemia and lymphoma, variety 1 and 2 diabetic issues.

Babies who breastfeed have also been joined to lower toddler mortality. Ongoing breastfeeding develops a sturdy immune system that goes over and above infancy.

Emotional overall health

In accordance to specified research, the psychological outcomes of extended breastfeeding are very beneficial for mom and kid.

It is an significant source of reassurance and emotional help. It decreases physiological and subjective pressure greatly, encourages delighted emotions, and improves bonding amongst the infant and father or mother.

System-fed infants, on the other hand, are extra very likely to practical experience get worried, strain, and unhappiness than breastfed infants.

Straightforward calming

Lots of infants and youthful young children come across nursing to be pretty calming. A breastfed toddler may well cry less, experience secure, be simpler to relaxed down and drop asleep very easily.

This readily out there resource of ease and comfort may possibly minimize some of the pressure associated with parenting and offer the youngster with a practical suggests of coping.

Extending breastfeeding boosts the emotional properly-staying of toddlers.


Despite the fact that prolonged breastfeeding does choose some scheduling, it can also be a great deal extra practical than formulation. This is because it is conveniently accessible and practical.


No matter of how old your toddler is, he or she will carry on to gain from the dietary composition of breast milk. 

Breastmilk is a nourishing food items supply that is loaded with protein, minerals, proteins, calcium, fats, vitamin A, and other vitamins, that are offered properly over and above the initially yr of life.

Dad and mom may possibly get solace in the information that breast milk can fill in nutritional shortfalls though their small children check out new food items. Picky eaters will in particular advantage from this.

Down sides of prolonged breastfeeding

There are no professional medical disadvantages related with breastfeeding further than the age of 1 year, as very long as a child eats enough supplementary foods.

Even so, people today may possibly experience boundaries to nursing, specially if they deficiency family or social guidance.

Some probable drawbacks contain:

Social stigma

Extended breastfeeding is not a cultural “standard” in the vast majority of Western nations, and there’s a stigma connected to performing so. The issue is frequently not talked about openly.

A individual could encounter censure and humiliation, sense isolated or judged by their pals, and not obtain plenty of assist from their husband or wife or family members.

Some people today may possibly encounter force at perform to prevent nursing or they may possibly need to have to battle for their right to just take breaks to pump.

Psychological or developmental harm

A lot of critics declare that extended breastfeeding is terrible for a child’s expansion or psychological health and fitness.

They contend that it discourages independence, and will cause separation anxiousness in youngsters. Nonetheless, there is no evidence to support this assert.

Office issues

It can be demanding to breastfeed when doing work exterior the property, significantly if a person is effective extended several hours. Prolonged breastfeeding imposes constraints on a mother’s schedule and life-style.


Breastfeeding can prevent ovulation from taking place, but this is a lot less probable as the child gets more mature.

People who want to get expecting but whose intervals have not arrive back may well need to reduce back again on breastfeeding.

Last ideas

The bulk of major well being organisations recommend breastfeeding your kid for at minimum 12 months, while quite a few healthcare authorities recommend nursing even longer.

The benefits of extended breastfeeding exceed the disadvantages. It is a healthful and sustainable way to present your baby with the health and fitness benefits, psychological support, and enjoy they need as they continue through childhood.


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