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Periods Getting Late Even When You’re Not Pregnant? Here’s Why!


Contributed by: Anjali Sharma



Worried about delayed intervals, especially when you are not expecting?

There are many explanations driving late or missed durations other than being pregnant. It could be a hormonal imbalance or various health-related reasons for missed durations. 

A lot of females get pressured out when they experience troubles like delayed durations. But being pregnant is not the only reason for which a female faces this scenario. As time passes by, your body also transforms and with these transformations, the period cycle can grow to be irregular. 

Ladies who may perhaps not have reached menopause generally have a 28-working day cycle which is a well balanced menstrual cycle. On the other hand, it may possibly previous anywhere from 21 to 40 times in some circumstances.

If your period does not fall concerning these parameters, then it is a issue of worry.

Below are some widespread explanations at the rear of your late or missed intervals other than being pregnant: 



Strain can very easily dominate your period of time cycle. Researchers have established that as the stage of tension raises the system makes a hormone called cortisol which induces tension hormones.

In reaction to tension, menstruation or time period cycle gets influenced and sometimes it will get missed.

If you are underneath extended stress and skipped much more than just one interval, you ought to get that indicator significantly and approach to stop by the health care provider before long.


Body weight achieve or loss

Getting underweight, over weight, or dealing with unexpected pounds instabilities have an impact on your menstrual cycle.

Hormone ranges in the system get impacted by the speedy fat changes and this leads to missed periods or skipped intervals.

In the circumstance of weight problems or body weight obtain, the period of time cycle is disturbed or receives hefty.

Women of all ages who practical experience unexpected fat decline or are underweight can knowledge late or no intervals. This typically occurs in aggressive athletes and ladies with serious ingesting disorders.



Soon after pregnancy, women of all ages go by way of breastfeeding and it is also a cause for no period at all or rare periods.

According to medical doctors, just after being pregnant for some time it is typical to practical experience interval cycle fluctuations or no time period at all.

Quite a few women of all ages misunderstand this condition as a professional medical concern but it is completely usual.


Typical rigorous workout

Routine workout is a superb lifetime practice that aids in holding the system and the system energetic.

On the other hand, from time to time too much and extreme typical workout lowers the estrogen amount, which is a hormone that regulates the woman reproductive process.

Quite a few woman athletes go through secondary amenorrhea, indicating they really don’t get a period of time for at minimum 6 months or even longer, owing to rigorous schooling and perform.



If you have began getting new drugs, then there are chances that you might knowledge facet consequences of it.

Irregular durations are one particular of the facet results that are seasoned when you get started taking some new medications.

Some birth management strategies, these kinds of as an IUD, implant or shot, could cease your durations when you are them.



Pre-menopause is the initial stage of menopause. Women who are about to enter the menopause stage, experience rare or late periods. This is owing to the reduce in the stage of estrogen hormone.

Even though getting into this stage, you may perhaps have lighter, heavier, more regular, or fewer repeated periods.



Thyroid disorder affects several girls, and there are two varieties: hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, both equally of which can disrupt your menstrual cycle.

Mainly because the thyroid controls your body’s fat burning capacity, hormone ranges might be impacted.

Thyroid difficulties are frequently managed with medicine. Your menstruation will most most likely revert to its usual cycle following remedy.


Closing ideas

If you’ve uncovered that your menstrual cycle has been irregular lately, or if you’ve missed a period of time but are not pregnant, you really should consult your medical doctor instantly.

The faster they can establish a analysis, the faster you can start off operating on regaining regulate of your cycle. 

Women of all ages get disturbed when they encounter unexpected skipped, delayed or no periods at all.

The higher than-stated motives will give clarity on what can be the reasons at the rear of your disturbed cycle.

Immediately after understanding the explanations you can just take further more actions to overcome this scenario or visit a physician. 

Also, ayurvedic medications and herbs are a excellent possibility which can noticeably minimize the difficulty of missed and delayed periods.


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