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Ozone Discolysis – Overview of Ozone Therapy in Medical Treatments

Ozone Discolysis – Overview of Ozone Therapy in Medical Treatments

Ozone dicolysis is a new treatment that was pioneered by the Italian spine surgeons. In spite of being relatively new treatment, its effectiveness has already been proved when conducted on about thousands of patients all over the world. This treatment is considered to be something similar to the natural medicine as it does not involve much pain and is an ambulatory process which is conducted with the help of local anesthesia. Though its application is similar to natural medicines, its results are like that of the positive results of surgeries. Ozone discolysis has great positive effects on people on whom it is conducted as ozone has many features that help in curing a number of medical problems. It has in fact proved to be of great help in curing a number of critical medical problems, making it quite popular among the medical practitioners.

Ozone works best on the intervertebral disc and also on the tissues that lay around the disc. This entire process is done by- mummification of the disc, inhabitation of the inflammatory nociceptors, stimulating the fibroblasts and immunosuppressor cytokines and improving of microcirculation and oxygenation. These are the four biochemical actions that ozone carries out on the intervertebral disc for curing the problem of nerve dilation. Treatment is carried out in three stages- first the ozone injections are injected on the paravertebral muscles, then ozone is injected in the intervertebral disk that is in trouble followed by the application of ozone injection on the paravertebral muscles.

Now, how does ozone work? Well, when this strong oxidizing agent is injected on the paravertebral muscle, it produces a number of oxidizing enzymes. This in turn helps to neutralize the toxins byproducts that lead to the dilation of the nerves. It is considered to be a natural remedy for treating the problem of nerve compression. Generally the effects of the treatment are positive and it helps in reducing the problem of increased disk volume. Therefore it is a good substitution of surgical methods of treating swelling of nerves. Moreover there are no after effects or complications in this process. Ozone discolysis does not change the anatomy of the body as surgeries do and is not at all a complex process; hence is highly preferable. But again there are some diseases like Fauvism and Hyperthryrodism for which ozone treatment can prove to be absolutely inadvisable.

The success rate of medical ozone treatment is quite high, about 80%- 90% and there are almost no procedure related complications that can hamper the smooth functioning of a person’s life in the post surgery period. Since Ozone dicolysis is an ambulatory process, patients get the chance to go back home on the very day of the treatment and also to return to work within a week.