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Orchid Growing – 5 Critical Orchid Care Mistakes

Orchid Growing – 5 Critical Orchid Care Mistakes

If you want to your orchids to have more beautiful flowers and bloom consistently then you need to consider 5 important orchid care tips.

These five things are humidity, light, ventilation, temperature and insects and disease.

Orchids like humid conditions. And you should consider giving your plants an environment that provides 50% – 70% humidity.

These would be ideal conditions for your plants to thrive. However if you see that your plants are not doing well you should place them near a window. Or consider using an electric fan. This will increase the circulation of air around your plants.

The amount of light your orchids need will depend on the type of orchid variety you decide to keep. Some need more light. While others need less light. Some orchids will thrive on your window sill. And others will need more tender care by being looked after in a greenhouse.

Regarding temperature orchids do not like extreme cold weather. Therefore the temperature your plants are exposed to should never be below 21 degrees C during the day. And the temperature should not fall below 13 degrees C at night. Again these temperatures will depend upon the type of orchid. And whether you keep them inside or outside.

Once your orchids are growing you’re going to need to regularly feed and water the orchids. However, you must ensure you never over-water your orchids. This is a common mistake and will kill – or drown – your orchids.

That’s why you’ll see many orchids with their roots exposed. One of the biggest orchid care problems is that people give their orchids too much water or too little water. And this stresses the orchid plant resulting in disease. One thing you need to consider is never fertilize your orchids in the winter months. And you should only feed your orchids every third or fourth watering. That’s during the growing season.

You’ll also need to regularly inspect your orchids for pests and diseases. You should be on your guard for spider mites, slugs, snails, mealy bugs and aphids. If you start to see spots on your orchid leaves then this could be the early signs of mildew or rust. And you’ll need to treat your orchids promptly.

Your orchids can live for many years with the right attention. And reward you with stunning flowers. But to see the fruits of your labour you need to ensure your orchid care is good.