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Nature’s Fitness and Weight Loss Center – Water Workouts

Nature’s Fitness and Weight Loss Center – Water Workouts

How does water apply to fitness and health aside from drinking?

I’m stretching the boundaries of waters usage here. I’m talking about a swimming pool, lake, or ocean. Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises you can do.

But, with a structured swimming workout you can achieve cardio fitness comparable to a walking or running program.

What is a structured swimming workout?

You can jump in a pool and just do laps at a leisurely pace that alone will improve your basic cardio foundation. I doubt if that will bring your heart rate up to your required beats per minute, still better then nothing.

The structured swim workout would be warm-up laps to faster paced interval laps, mixed with leisure recovery laps for a designated amount of laps.

So, it would be a fast lap, with a 2 leisure lap recovery for 15 laps to start. Eventually building up to 36 laps in a 25 yard pool. That’s a half of mile swimming. Your goal if you have the time and desire should be 72 laps, that’s One Mile!

What are the drawbacks if any from swimming compared to running, jogging, or walking?

Running, walking, or jumping rope has shown to strengthen bones because of the impact. Impact is like a double edged sword. The impact improves bone density and strength in “dem” bones, but hard on the joints. The stronger your bones the better to ward off and deal with osteoporosis as you age.

What other benefits from a swim workout?

It’s a total body workout. Your arms, shoulders, and upper body get stronger. Your thighs, hips and legs get stronger and firmer. The greatest benefit will be your heart and lungs. You will eventually get a longer, leaner, and healthier body.

What other exercises can I do in the water?

My favorite exercise is hydro-therapy running in the water. It’s simple, if you’re fortunate enough to have access to a pool. Just go to a sporting goods store and pick up a flotation belt, it will come with instructions of how to run in the water.

You can also purchase water apparatus designed specifically to work your arms, and legs to improve your stroke and leg strength.

Who does these water exercises?

All Athletes and Horses do hydro-therapy in rehabilitation and conditioning from injuries. They need to rebuild their cardio-vascular conditioning without the impact of running on land.

Will I really lose weight from the hydro-therapy workouts?

You will lose weight. The water exercises will allow your body to recover quicker and make exercise more enjoyable and not a chore!

What about all the chlorine in the pool?

Be certain to shower after your water exercise. I recommend a water filter for your shower. They’re relatively inexpensive and attaches easily to your existing shower head. Your skin and hair will feel the difference immediately and your complexion will glow with your new found health.

Why is water hydro therapy MY favorite exercise?

I had to have a double hip replacement 5 years ago. I wore out all the cartilage in my hip joint from martial arts, and sports (not uncommon for a jock!). Running was REALLY painful!

I knew going into surgery I had to be in as good a condition as possible. I ran in the pool 40 minutes everyday for over 2 months prior to surgery.

It wasn’t simple jogging. I did intervals, side to sides, all the same running exercises I would do on land.
The ninth day after the surgery, they took out my staples, and said I could start hydro-therapy. I went home and ran 25 minutes in the pool! Hydro-therapy training allowed me to recover from my hip replacements 60% to 80% faster then most patients

The best part of the hydro therapy workout is at the end of the day you are tired. BUT, NOT SORE, NO ACHES, NO PAIN, JUST PLEASANTLY TIRED!