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Medical Tourism in Cyprus

Medical Tourism in Cyprus

With a growing number of people heading to Cyprus for medical help, the local industry is expanding its services. The region has become a hotspot for the medical tourist for a number of reasons. Primarily, it offers a variety of medical treatments at a reasonable price among which fertility centers and solutions are most sought after. Along with that, this idyllic region makes for a great holiday destination with its sunny Mediterranean climate and archeological delights. Here are some treatments that can be availed of on this beautiful island:

Dental Care

People travel to Cyprus for dental operations such as dental implants and crown work. These treatments are available at a much reduced rate (an estimated 70%). You need not worry about travel arrangements and similar concerns as many of the dental clinics supply these services as part of the package. The clinics are fitted with up- to- date equipment and are staffed with fully qualified. The Nicosia Dental Polyclinic is an established clinic that carries out highly competent surgeries and other treatments at a low rate.

Cosmetic Surgery

Another popular treatment on the island is cosmetic surgery with a number of people going in for rhinoplasty and breast enhancement. Again, you can take advantage of the competitive prices on the island. For instance, in order to get your nose reshaped, you need to shell out just £2400 to £3300. Cosmedicare4u provides a personalized experience in which every part of the operation including hotel booking is taken care of by the clinic. Another option is a Cyprus Sun Med Connections that has outlets in Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca and Nicosia.

Fertility Clinics

Cyprus fertility centers are fast becoming a prominent destination for resolving fertility issues. They offer a variety of treatments such as invitro fertilization, intra cystoplasmic sperm injection, intrauterin semination, nucleus transfer and cytoplasmic transfer. Genesis, Cyprus IVF, ISIS Fertility and Ledra are the pick of the bunch. All three fertility centers boast of a success rate that is well above the average mark. These treatments take a long time for completion and hence, it is worthwhile to make sure that your travel arrangements are well in place before visiting the island.

An interesting point of note would be the fact that 60% of private medical sources in Cyprus inclusive of it famous fertility centers are involved in Cyprus medical tourism.

Besides these treatments, eye surgery, rehabilitation, hair transplant and elective surgery are also available in Cyprus.