May 20, 2024


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Invisalign Treatments and Their Effects On Your Social Life

Thinking of getting an Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth? No doubt you’ve heard all about it and its benefits. That it is not as painful as the old way of the metal braces. That it is more aesthetically pleasing due to it being “invisible.”

No doubt you’ve also heard of the drawbacks, such as the potential to take a longer time for your teeth to be straightened as compared to the metal brace. While the procedure involves less pain than its old counterpart, it doesn’t come without it.

But there more effects of Invisalign besides the discomfort you initially experience. For one, it may affect your social life.

For one, invisible braces are pretty much plastic teeth that covers the whole set of your real ones. While these are pretty much invisible to those who aren’t staring at it, you will receive comments on how fake they look once they’re noticed. The aligners emit a certain shine that real teeth don’t have, especially when sunlight reflects off of them. At any rate, you may initially get teased by your closest friends; but it will blow over.

While you’re still getting used to these trays, you may have a hard time speaking normally at first. You may end up with a small lisp, and will be the butt of jokes between your cliques. Your S and Th sounds will be the same, and your friends will not be able to tell the difference between your F and V sounds. Still, with a little practice, you can start speaking normally after a few days.

The clear aligners will be covering the whole of your teeth, and will collect a lot of saliva. You may be surprised and find yourself grossed out with the amount of saliva they gather, so you’ll want to take off your braces in the restroom before you have a hearty meal.

While getting used to seeing drool on your Invisalign trays doesn’t take long, you may find yourself getting too self-conscious with another effect of saliva collection: bad breath. As most of your saliva will be collected on your brace trays, your mouth will dry up often. This makes your breath smell like you just woke up all the time.

Simply put, while Invisalign treatments are a lot more comfortable, they are not without their share of drawbacks. Just brush a lot more, and your social life won’t suffer as much.