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Important Preparation For IVF Treatment

Important Preparation For IVF Treatment

In the past, couples struggling to conceive had no available options. The developments of modern technology have allowed for couples to undergo infertility treatment, making the possibility of a child a reality in many cases. However, before you look to opt for IVF treatment, it is important to prepare for the implications.

The Success Rates:

As with any medical treatment, it is important to be realistic and understand the success rates. With IVF the rate can vary greatly between couples. There are a number of factors which can affect your potential success rate including the state of your health, your age and any underlying medical issues. IVF is similar to many infertility treatments, in that you may be successful with your first attempt or you may need several cycles before you become pregnant. Age plays a significant role in this as women in their mid-thirties already have a higher risk for infertility while the chances of a full term pregnancy for women in their forties is slim.

There are three main factors which can affect the outcome of IVF treatment. The age of the woman, health of both and the cause of infertility can affect the success rate and determine if IVF treatment could be the solution. While many couples try for another treatment if the first fails, if you are experiencing consecutive failures, then it may not be possible to alter your chances of success.


For many couples the cost of IVF, means that it is treated as a last resort. Generally couples opt for IVF when other procedures and treatments have been tried and failed. Since there are no guarantees about the success rate for IVF, you may need to be prepared for multiple attempts and cycles.

Before you consider IVF as a viable option, you will need to be financially and emotionally ready. You need to be prepared for the possibility of failure and have sufficient finances to try again.

Preparedness as a couple:

IVF treatments can be exciting and nerve-wracking. There are a lot of emotional issues which are tied to the medical procedures that both parties will need to undergo. This can put a great deal of strain on your relationship especially if the attempt is a failure. Couples who have had difficulty conceiving may already be suffering from depression, anxiety and stress, which makes it important to understand the process and be prepared for the process as a couple. Being ready for the results whether they are positive or negative can take a toll on any relationship, so you should be ready to keep the lines of communication open and ensure that you are both ready and prepared as a united couple.

IVF has been the infertility solution choice for a great number of couples for many years. If you are struggling to conceive, it is important that you seek advice from your health care professional. The chances of success increase when the patient is younger, so don’t delay.