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HCG Diet and Water Intake


Drinking water is extremely vital on any diet plan, but specifically so on the HCG diet regime. When you are attempting to shed body weight or tone your human body, hydration and retention of h2o is important.

Not only does h2o help to continue to keep you sensation fuller for for a longer period, but it also assists to flush out toxins and waste from your overall body.

By drinking lots of drinking water every day, you will be guaranteed to remain on keep track of with your HCG diet fat reduction targets!

Below are some important notes that you should know about drinking water consumption whilst on the protocol:

1. Drinking water necessities in accordance to the HCG diet protocol

The HCG diet regime is a quite restrictive way of feeding on. According to the creator, Dr. A.T.W Simeons, the dieters are only allowed to drink h2o, coffee, tea, clean squeezed lemon. They should drink at minimum two liters or 50 percent a gallon of h2o for every working day. This is in get to support the entire body split down and burn off the unwanted fat that has been stored on the human body.

2. Is there this kind of detail as too considerably water consumption?

The remedy is sure. In accordance to a research of MRL Santa Barbara – 3 liters or or .65 gallons of h2o rapidly consumed, could basically eliminate you –  if you are a human being sensitive to drinking water poisoning (hyponatremia). A affliction in which the stage of sodium in the blood is abnormally low, and which can final result in mind destruction.


3. How to know if you are ingesting enough h2o?

H2o is an critical nutrient for the body and it is recommended that folks drink at least 8 glasses of h2o for each day. Having said that, many folks don’t drink plenty of drinking water and this can have detrimental penalties for their health and fitness.

If you’re not guaranteed if you’re drinking sufficient h2o, here are some indicators to glimpse for:

The most popular indication is a adjust in urine coloration, which may variety from pale to dark. Dehydration can result in modifications in the odor and consistency of urine. In severe circumstances, dehydration can lead to kidney failure and even demise.

It is critical to consume plenty of fluids in the course of the working day to replace what you drop by perspiring and urinating. It is also significant not to dehydrate as well promptly if you are sensation thirsty but urinating significantly less than regular or owning darker urine, it is best to little by little boost your drinking water ingestion over time instead than abruptly consuming more liquids.

Our entire body is designed up of in excess of 60% drinking water, and we need water replacement to rid our bodies of extra sodium. If you are not ingesting sufficient drinking water and your entire body is dehydrated, your overall body is truly likely to keep on to h2o and you may perhaps see irregular mounting on the scale. For case in point, you have a leap up of salt intake, then your overall body is retaining drinking water to compensate for all the sodium you took in.

If you are experiencing a dry mouth, it is significant to, drink a lot of fluids of study course and replenish your body’s stores of h2o. You can also get supplements these as aqua-hydrate or hydrating tablets if you discover that fluids by itself aren’t fulfilling your thirst adequately. Finally, if all else fails, speak to your health practitioner about probable fundamental brings about.

If you are encountering a headache thanks to dehydration, it is significant to commence ingesting loads of fluids and replacing missing electrolytes. Dehydration can also lead to complications because the human body is trying to conserve water, which can lead to pressure in the neck and scalp.

To avert a headache from dehydration, drink at least 16 ounces (close to 1/2l or 2 eyeglasses comprehensive) of fluids for every hour and eat food items that consist of electrolytes this sort of as hydrating fruits like watermelon.

When you are dehydrated, your blood doesn’t have adequate fluid to carry oxygen and vitamins to your cells. This can make you feel lightheaded and dizzy. Consume loads of fluids all over the working day – even if you don’t truly feel thirsty. If the lightheadedness persists, discuss to your medical professional.

Dehydration can lead to your throat tissues to dry out, earning it more tough for mucous to move and sort a protective layer. This can lead to inflammation and even infection in your throat.


4. What variety of water is recommended with the HCG Diet regime?

According to Dr. Simeon, HCG end users must drink basic and mineral drinking water for the duration of their fat reduction routine. Mineral h2o is specially helpful, as it is loaded in anti-oxidants and contains vital electrolytes like sodium and potassium.

Carbonated or sparkling drinking water can be utilized as a way to incorporate variation and a lot more choices, due to the fact you could overlook some soda-like beverages during this restrictive phase of your everyday living.

By creating your personal fizzy drinks you can prevent the destructive substances or additives in sugary beverages, which could jeopardize your excess fat decline objectives. Nothing is more refreshing than a glowing lemon drinking water.

Fortunately, there are several delightful and nutritious glowing lemon drinking water recipes out there. Some of our favorites consist of a sugar-totally free lemonade recipe designed with refreshing lemon juice and sparkling water with some additional stevia. Also bear in mind there are no limitations on Coffee or Tea, which could also be created into refreshing beverages.

Use caffeine-absolutely free goods if you take in more substantial quantities.

clear drinking glass with white liquid and green leaf


5. Add some Stevia to your glowing beverages

As a sweetener you can use Stevia. It is a natural sweetener that can be found as a dietary supplement or in food items. It has a minimal glycemic index, that means it does not raise blood sugar amounts quickly.

Stevia can be utilised in position of sugar in numerous recipes or as a sweetener on its have, and arrives in many flavors like vanilla, mint, strawberry, and raspberry.


6. Crucial Nutrients your human body wants in the course of the Diet regime

Other electrolytes that are significant to keep all through a HCG food plan are magnesium and potassium. Magnesium helps to hold your coronary heart fee secure and helps in the absorption of calcium. Potassium is also critical for preserving ordinary nerve operate and muscle management. It can also support to speed up the fat burning capacity.

Some good sources of potassium are mineral h2o and vegetables that are by now involved in the HCG diet food stuff program, like: Spinach, Broccoli, Beet greens.

7. How does water assist the diet program?

Water is essential for the HCG eating plan, as it aids to control the body’s hydration degrees. When the physique is thoroughly hydrated, it can far better take up vitamins and minerals from foods, which can assist to support fat decline.

On top of that, keeping effectively-hydrated can enable to preserve blood sugar concentrations steady and reduce the possibility of troubles linked to obesity or diabetic issues.

person wearing blue leggings sitting near boxed water


The couple of foods choices on the hcg eating plan may well be a bit bland, so many individuals may turn to above-seasoning their foods to make it extra enjoyable. If you drink the expected liters per working day, you can mitigate most of the water retention induced by far too much salt ingestion.

If not enough liquids are consumed you are stressing your liver as it may well absence the fuel to flush out harmful toxins launched from cells. If there isn’t sufficient drinking water readily available to aid cleanse the liver, these contaminants can develop up and trigger harm.

8. Consume h2o to truly feel entire

Ingesting h2o can aid to improve gastric motility and delay stomach emptying, main to sensation fuller longer.

Without having ample amounts of water, we will be usually puzzled by the alerts our overall body is sending us and could feel hungry although we are basically thirsty.

Drinking early and hydrate commonly will assistance to keep snacking in test.



To retain exceptional overall health and to be capable to increase the diet program, our body desires the proper amount of h2o. Contemplate preserving a contemporary and cleanse bottle of water at your get the job done desk, bag or within your motor vehicle each and every day!

In summary, subsequent these 8 details will assistance you continue to be on keep track of with your hcg dieting plan though also ensuring you’re using in the appropriate sum of h2o.




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