May 20, 2024


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Dr. Robin Berzin on State Change & Parsley Health to: End Anxiety, Burnout, and Gain More Energy


If you haven’t heard of Shawn Stevenson, you’re about to meet your new very best close friend in health and fitness. I’m psyched simply because he’s also a single of the most educated people on the subject of rest, a person of my favored factors to research. (And some thing I desire about as a mother!)
You can get to know Shawn by reading through his worldwide best-vendor, Sleep Smarter, or examining out his podcast “The Product Well being Display,” which is normally somewhere close to the #1 place on well being podcasts on iTunes.
Shawn has been highlighted in Entrepreneur journal, Rapid Enterprise, Men’s Wellness, and so many other outlets … and I can see why. He has this astounding way of describing his technological information in a way that’s really relatable and simple to employ.
He really thinks that overall health (and a fantastic night of sleep) is within just everyone’s get to!
Shawn Stevenson Shares His #1 Wellness Solution: Great Sleep
We do not get significantly into the interview when Shawn helps make a instead shocking statement:
Rest has far more impression on well being than diet and physical exercise combined.
Of class, we instinctively know rest is crucial. A person night time of negative snooze and how we feel the following day proves it. But we type of assume to just lay down and rest … and that there’s not significantly far more to it.
There are plenty of methods to “eat right” and work out. But is not there just a single way to rest?
Shawn does not believe so. Even if you deal with to snooze a good range of hrs per night, you may not be obtaining the benefits of all that slumber … unless you find out how to enhance slumber by comprehension how it performs!
In This Episode You will Discover:

how Shawn overcame degenerative bone and spinal condition (it’s an amazing tale!)
why …


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