May 24, 2024


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Dosho 5000 Gym Review – Find Out What Makes This New Home Gym Different From the Others

The Dosho 5000 Gym is definitely a different piece of home exercise equipment. It combines elements of an old style workout bench and dumbbell workout with innovations to make your exercise sessions safer and more productive. In this review we will look at the various features of this home gym.

Compact and easy on the budget.

The Dosho 5000 is a compact home gym. It could fit very easily into the corner of a den or basement. If you can dedicate a space of about six feet by six feet to your workouts, you should be fine. Even though it only takes up a minimal amount of space you can still do 40 plus strength building exercises with the Dosho 5000.

At the heart of this home gym are the specially designed dumbbells. These dumbbells, known as Clam Shells, are an adjustable set of dumbbells that let you quickly change weights for different exercises. You can simply add or subtract weights in 5 pound increments. The plates you lock in stay on the bar. The others stay stored in their case.

This style of dumbbells are very convenient and take the place of either having to have numerous sets or having to laboriously change plates between exercises. You can adjust your weights from 5 to 45 pounds on each dumbbell.

The bench helps you with your lifts!

The workout bench is really amazing. It comes with an innovation to assist you during your squats and when you are exercising your obliques. You can adjust this system to give you an extra boost or support when you most need it during your exercises. There is even a depth limiter bar that you can use to keep from going too far during your squats.

They say it is almost like having a spotter with you during your exercises. There are just so many innovations packed into this compact and economical home gym. For instance the heel lift is specifically designed to help minimize lower back pain.

One other feature I should mention is the leg extension feature. It is designed so that you can use the Clam Shell dumbbells with it. That way you will not have to use other weights like you would with most other leg extension attachments.

The Dosho 5000 is good for both beginners and advanced exercisers.

You can use this home gym to burn fat, build strength, and tone muscle. You can bulk up if that is what you want. You can tone and sculpt your body if that is your preference. Because of the adjustable weights and the lift assistance, the Dosho 5000 Gym makes a great home gym for both the beginner as well as more advanced users.

About the only group that would not benefit from this gym are heavy body builders and serious weight lifters. But if you are looking for developing your body and getting in a full body workout, this home gym should give you excellent service. With regular use, you should start seeing noticeable differences in how you look and how you feel in just a few weeks.

This home gym is designed for ease of use. It should be a pleasure to workout with as you move easily from exercise to exercise. Because of the design innovations you should be able to avoid nagging injuries and make good progress with your workouts. It is a sturdy home gym that you and your family can enjoy for years.