February 29, 2024


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Dog Health Care Basics

Just like human beings, dogs can suffer from a wide range of diseases. Most of the times dogs encounter problems with their joints, bones, eyes or nervous system. Dogs can also develop health issues that are more difficult.

Hereditary issues like cancer can sometimes happen. The health of your dog should be of concern. But there are some simple steps you can take in order to ensure the health of your dog. There are some breeds that are more predisposed to certain illnesses and you should get to know them. Research the breed that you have and make sure you know everything about it.

The Exercises

Usually all the dogs need to exercise each day. The small breeds have to exercise indoors and also outdoors. It also depends on the breed. Some breeds do not like to do sports and it is easy to ready about that. There are many dogs that like to sit in the room and sleep for many days.

But turning the back yard into a playing ground for your dog will be something he will appreciate. During summer many dogs prefer to sit in the shade and not exercise at all. They like to rest and keep calm. When they are puppies, dogs love to go out and play and you, as its owner, must keep up with that. Dogs especially like to play fetch or Frisbee and they like to feel appreciated and loved. Encouraging the dog to take walks with you is also a great thing.


The food that the dog eats is very important its quality is highly important and you should avoid wet foods and the ones that are of low quality. Make sure you feed it nutritional food, to keep it out of trouble.

You should avoid giving your dog: chocolate, sweets, sugars, raisins, raw fish, raw pork, poultry bones, coffee, garlic, mushrooms and onions. Also, make sure the dog has plenty of water every day.


You must keep a close eye on your dog and make sure he does not show sings of anxiety or discomfort. Also, if you notice changes in its behavior, you must address the situation.

Vet Visits

The visits to the vet must be regarded as routine. The dog must be kept under surveillance especially if he shows signs of a disease.

Love and Caring

This is an important aspect as dogs love to be loved and they appreciate all the attention they can receive.