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Dental Insurance – Part of Your Health Insurance Plan

Dental Insurance – Part of Your Health Insurance Plan

Dental insurance is not always included in a medical insurance plan. Sometimes dental insurance is covered within a medical insurance plan, and other times it is a separate plan entirely. Within a dental plan, you are typically allowed to have x-rays, cleanings and regular checkups. All of these are covered by your insurance plan, and should be covered by every standard dental plan. Other plans will provide more coverage depending on what you choose. There are different types of dental plans, much like health insurance plans.

To determine if your dental insurance is included in your health insurance, it would be best to ask your insurance provider. Some health insurance providers provide standard dental care within their insurance plans. Standard care does not include visits to orthodontists, oral surgery, and other advanced methods of dental care. To find out specifically what is covered in your dental plan, review your insurance plan or speak with your insurance provider. Dental plans typically fall into two categories. The first is managed care. These plans usually contain a network of dental providers. Dentists within these networks file claims to your insurance company for you, and thus you have less paperwork to fill out. This category also comes with fewer costs that are out-of-pocket.

The other type of plan that is available for dental insurance within health care plans is indemnity. This plan does not offer as many choices for dentists as a managed care plan. Your bill is also paid differently with this plan than it is with a managed care plan. An indemnity plan determines that you pay the bill up front. After paying the bill, your insurance company will reimburse you for the services that are covered after receiving the bill. Depending on your personal circumstances and financial situation, this type of dental insurance plan may be better for you and for your health insurance.

For individuals who do not want dental insurance, there is another option that will work right along with your health care. There are dental discounts and discount cards, which are not an actual form of insurance. However, they provide you with discounts for the services you receive at a dental office from a participating dentist. To use these cards along with your health insurance, you must pay the dentist directly when you visit the office. There is no waiting period for these cards and you and members of your immediate family may use the card.