June 16, 2024


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Dental Health Products For a Shining Smile

It is true–the first thing that people notice about you when meeting you for the first time is your face, and the aspect of the face that is most striking is the mouth. It can express emotion so clearly, that people watch it closely when experiencing an initial encounter and in part helps to create an impression of a person. Because so much is riding on the mouth, it pays to take care of your teeth. However, popular dental products often contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in people. For those with ingredient sensitivities, non toxic dental health products, including teeth whitening products, are in order.

A great place to start is with the toothpaste you use. Non toxic toothpaste is a safe toothpaste appropriate for you and your family to use. If you compare ingredients, you will find that safe toothpaste will not include any artificial sweeteners or dyes, no toxic chemicals or sodium lauryl sulfate. Non toxic toothpaste will not contain salicylates, which can cause allergic reactions in skin. Safe toothpaste, made from natural and non toxic ingredients, will also include baking soda and xylitol in its makeup for their cleaning and freshening capabilities.

After you brush, you will want to follow up with an alcohol free mouthwash. Having a little spray bottle of mouthwash tucked into your desk at work always comes in handy, and when it is filled with alcohol free mouthwash it is even better for the health of your gums.

Many people are after whiter looking teeth. If you smoke or drink coffee, then you know that one of the results of this is that teeth can become stained and darkened. Dental whitening products are available that will help to remove stains and leave teeth pearly white. Many toothpastes include whiteners, and are very easy to use on a daily basis to prevent stains from building up.

A whitening gel is another great product to use for this purpose also. After your dentist makes customized dental whitening products known as bleaching trays that slip onto your teeth, you can fill them with whitening gel. The gel completely covers the surface of each tooth and breaks down the stains so that after each application your teeth look great.

Other teeth whitening products that you may want to check out are pre filled dental trays, filled with whitening agents, that are disposable and the ultimate in simplicity and ease of use. These effective dental whitening products utilize hydrogen peroxide gel, which is fast acting and will leave your teeth sparkling. These dental health products are sized to fit all of the teeth on the upper and lower jaws, so that not just the front teeth are whitened. Dental whitening products, used as one of your regular regimine of dental health products, will help you have the smile of your dreams.