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Cross Trainer Bike Review: The Gym Master 2 in 1

Cross Trainer Bike Review: The Gym Master 2 in 1


Even if you’re fully committed to an effective fitness regimen, the truth is that, over time, even the best workouts can be boring and repetitive. One way to avoid boredom is to change up your workout from time to time by trying a new set of exercises or a new exercise machine. For those of us who work out at home, our basements and spare rooms tend to fill up with fitness equipment. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a dual-function apparatus that maximised the time you spend working out? Read on to learn about a great machine from Gym Master: the 2 in 1 cross trainer bike.

Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Key Features:

A cross trainer bike combines the best properties of an elliptical cross trainer with the comfort of getting a serious aerobic workout while seated. This is an updated model that’s been carefully redesigned to be both durable and effective. The elliptical trainer one of the most popular types of fitness equipment because its motion is natural and low impact. The same is true of this hybrid machine, with the exception that the user is seated. We especially like that it air cools you while you’re exercising, helps improve your balance and allows you to monitor your progress. It also is light in weight and has wheels that make it easy to relocate for storage when not in use.

Price: About £99.99

Product Description:

A relative newcomer to the fitness equipment scene, the cross trainer bike is a great choice for getting a thorough cardiovascular workout while toning and strengthening key muscle groups. Perfect for the beginner and expert alike, the machine features adjustable resistance with a simple turn of a knob. It has both forward and reverse motions, important for getting maximum benefits from your workout.

Product Specifications:

Portable and easy to move on roller wheels

Maximum user weight: 110 kg (242 lbs)

Boxed product weight: 27 kg (60 lbs)

Tubular steel frame for security and stability

Extra wide platform pedals for balance and safety

Product Features:

High-low resistance settings keep pace with your fitness level by way of an adjustable tension knob

Movable stride arms deliver a stimulating total body workout, similar to an elliptical

Arms can be locked in a fixed position

Arms are easy to switch on the fly between fixed and movable

Pedal in the forward direction to benefit the large quadriceps muscles in the front of the thigh

Pedal in the reverse direction to benefit the large hamstring muscles in the rear of the thigh

Smooth, non-jarring, dual direction elliptical motion

Electronic monitor measures speed, distance, time and calories burned

Front-mounted flywheel keeps the machine compact yet very stable


We’re partial to this Gym Master cross trainer bike. It combines all the positive features of both exercise modalities to deliver a doubly effective workout. It’s a well-built machine for the price and will keep pace with you as you pursue your fitness goals, whether grand or modest.