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Best Places for Medical Treatment in Prague

Best Places for Medical Treatment in Prague

Prague, the modern capital of Czech Republic enjoys its position on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)’s list of properties internationally deemed to have “outstanding universal value”. The list of nine hundred eleven properties includes sites with either cultural or natural value. Prague would fall into the first category as it is a cultural and historical relic as the former capital of the Holy Roman Empire. As a result, the city is a popular tourist destination and it has a large number of hospitals that provide high levels of medical care with a generally multilingual staff.

Unicare Medical Center is a private medical center that provides comprehensive services to the patients. It offers a complete range of medical facilities for both adults and children. The pediatric care especially, is known to be excellent. Most of the doctors at the hospital are multilingual and the hospital provides a separate emergency line in German. The hospital offers vaccinations, preventive check-ups and also provides treatment for chronic conditions. The hospital has a well equipped ultrasound department, X-ray, mammography, ECG and a full on-site laboratory.

National Polyclinic is a public hospital ranked among the most prestigious medical centers of the city. The center provides an array of general and specialized services and is staffed by doctors with high levels of expertise from various areas of specializations. Hospital staff is well versed in German, English, French and Russian. The building is located opposite the National Theatre and the hospital is on the third floor. The specializations of the hospital are gynecology, neurology, cardiac treatment, pulmonary surgery, internal medicine, orthopedics, dermatology and urolgoy. In addition to these specializations, the clinic provides diagnostic and ambulatory services.

Another medical centre in the city offering a wide range of medical services is Hospital Na Františku. The address for the facility is Na Františku 847/8, Prague. The hospital provides ambulance services, while the medical facilities are equipped for surgery, radiology, orthopedics, clinical biochemistry, neurosurgery, rehabilitation and treatment for long term disability. The ICU at the hospital is outfitted with the latest technology in order to deal with all kinds of medical exigencies.

With the latest technology for diagnostic and treatment purposes, Nemocnice na Homolce located at Roentgenova 2, Praha 5 can be accurately described as the best equipped hospital in Prague. The hospital frequently receives patients referred from smaller clinics within the country and from clinics in other countries. The hospital is mainly focused on treating cardiovascular issues, but it does offer treatment in other areas such as clinical immunology, psychiatry, urology, dialysis machines, hematology, general surgery, nuclear medicine, pathology and rehabilitation. The hospital is accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) and is dedicated to taking care of the needs of its foreign patients

The American Medical Centre provides reliable healthcare facilities and employs American and Czech doctors to care for the patients. This Medical Centre has offices in Moscow, Kiev, Warsaw, St. Petersburg and Budapest. The medical branches for which they provide services are dermatology, gynecology acupuncture, cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, pediatric care, orthopedics, radiology and rehabilitation. The hospital provides ambulance services also.

Canadian Medical Centre is one of the longest-operating international clinics in the city of Prague. The hospital is located at Veleslavínská 30, Prague 6. The clinic mostly provides primary care; however it also provides hospitalization assistance and an on-site pharmacy.