July 13, 2024


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Best Longevity Aging Advice – Dr OZ Rundown on the Latest Resveratrol Tabs

Best Longevity Aging Advice – Dr OZ Rundown on the Latest Resveratrol Tabs

Some of the best longevity aging currently circulating the net, is the “Resveratrol Phenomenon”, and how this polyphenol tab can potentially add a decade or two to your time clock.

Still debated on numerous news bulletins, talk shows and health forums, resveratrol is probably the most talked about longevity aging advice of late.

If your not familiar with Resv (Resveratrol), it is medicinally known as a polyphenol,  a natural fungi which grows in the roots of the Japanese Knotweed and the Muscadine grape skin. It is also present in a number of other fruits and vegetables but it’s highest concentration is found in these two plants.

It’s discovery was accidental as resveratrols health benefits were unknown when original studies into longevity were carried out in Okinawa and the island of Sardinia.

Home to some of the largest centenarian populations in the world, only through detailed studies into these communities diets was a common trend discovered.

Resveratrol is a fungi which grows naturally to protect both these plants from dangerous bacteria, but when consumed on a regular basis, it is to discovered to act as a natural artery cleanser, an artery scrubber if you like.

As discussed in many longevity aging advice journals, having the ability to constantly scrub your arteries is the most fundamental action one can take to effectively extend your life doctors argue.

Many in the U.S and the west have some of the most appalling artery related fatality statistics as daily consumption of freezer foods, power foods and fast foods, all contribute to the continual abuse of your arteries by clogging them manufactured toxins.

Reports however that these medical trials have concluded their first phase and a supplement pill or juice is now available to help tackle this growing pandemic comes as welcome news to many.