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Another MLM Scam Or Opportunity?


In this post, I’m gonna show you the complete information about Berules MLM Company.

Here, you’ll know about,

  • About Berules company
  • Service of the company
  • Compensation plan
  • And, lots of information

Let’s get started.


Be ( is a Tech Service-Based MLM company that presents itself as an ecosystem of many useful apps like Quest, Quantum,  Sense, Latent Pay, Mind Hub, Shift, Oracle, Wow, Irid, and Trivia

Moyn Islam is the President and CEO of, along with two co-founders, Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam. In 2020, The company was started in a name of  which is operated as a ago.

Berules Company Profile

Company Name Berules
Founder Moyn Islam
Started 2020
Head Office Dubai, UAE
Service Subscription Plans
Email Id [email protected]

Berules Products and Services

Berules have an almost similar Ecosystem service to the current Melias. These are the;

  • Quest: A discount portal
  • Trivia: Communication application
  • iRide: Rideshare application
  • Latent Pay: Payment cards
  • Quantum: Building business support
  • Shift: Trading app
  • Mind Hub: Educational platform
  • Sense: Connecting people
  • Wow: Live, real-time chatbot

Basically, there is no retention-based Product of the company. Berules has a subscription plan that will be sold. When People or New Subscriber want to become an Affiliate of the company, they must purchase and of the 3 subscription plan which is written below.

1. Live

In the Live Subscription plan, provides its members an awesome joyful experience by creating a memorable experience covering World tours, Culture, Food, Lifestyle, and many more.

Live Subscriptions provide access to travel discount portals, payment platforms, chatting apps, rideshare apps, and a business building app.

Level Starting fee Renew Fee per month(later)
Bronze $199 $99
Silver $499 $99
Gold $799 $99

2. Learn

One of the main goals of Berules is to help people to grow in their Personalities and Emotionally. The company also gives you practical tools with a proven track record for making money, keeping money, and multiplying money online.

Learn subscription gives access to trading streams, learning resources, and Sense – a streaming platform.

Level Starting fee Renew Fee per month(later)
Bronze $199 $1499
Silver $499 $99
Gold $799 $99

3. Elite

Elite subscription of the Company is a Combination of Live and Learn Subscription.

Level Starting fee Renew Fee per month(later)
Bronze $399 $149
Silver $950 $99
Gold $1499 $99

Berules Compensation Plan

According to the Compensation plan of Berules, there are 7 types of income that the company provide.

  1. Fast Start Bonus
  2. 2 for Free
  3. Team Weekly Bonus
  4. Star Rank
  5. Unilevel Matching Bonus
  6. Generation Matching Bonus
  7. Monthly Expense Plan (MEP)

1. Fast Start Bonus

Fast Start Bonus is paid for retail as well as recruitment of the Members. There are two options depending on the type of membership selected.

  • Bronze or Silver-Tire affiliates will receive a 10% Bonus on any referral to purchase a subscription plan.
  • Gold or Elite Level Partners will be eligible for a 20% Bonus on any referral to purchase a subscription plan.

2. 2 for Free

2 for Free income is when an affiliate of Rules has an active paid subscription and registers 2 paid new subscribers in the same month, their renewal fee is free for this month.

3. Team Weekly Bonus

Team Weekly Bonus is awarded to active partners who have a minimum pay rank of advisor within the 4-week commission period.

Here is the table of Team Weekly Bonus based on the Affiliate Rank of the Member.

Serial No. Affiliate Rank Weekly Bonus Amount
1. Consultant $125
2. Sapphire $375
3. Ruby $1000
4. Emerald $2,125
5. Diamond $7500
6. Presidential Diamond $15,000
7. Royal Diamond $30,000
8. Ambassador $70,000
9. Royal Ambassador $1,50,000
10. Crown Ambassador $3,00,000

4. Star Rank

The Star Ranked Affiliate earns a default residual commission when their 2 active direct subscribers pay a monthly subscription renewal.

Here is the table of how much Total Cycle Bonus you will get based on your Affiliate Rank.

Serial No. Affiliate Rank Total Cycle Bonus
1. Star $100
2. Consultant $500
3. Sapphire $1500
4. Ruby $4000
5. Emerald $8500
6. Diamond $30000
7. Presidential Diamond $60000
8. Royal Diamond $120000
9. Ambassador $280000
10. Royal Ambassador $600000
11. Crown Ambassador $1200000

5. Unilevel Matching Bonus

Unilevel matching bonus is getting 10% of the earning from Team Bonus if the partner of Berules meets all criteria.

  1. Consultant rank.
  2. At least 2 active subscribers with gold or elite membership.

The Unilevel Matching Bonus is paid as 10% of the team’s income but at the same time is limited to a certain amount based on the affiliate rank given below.

Serial No. Affiliate Rank Personal Active Customers Required Unilevel Matching Bonus Cap
1. Consultant 2 $800
2. Sapphire 3 $2000
3. Ruby 3 $3000
4. Emerald 4 $4000
5. Diamond 4 $6000
6. Presidential Diamond 4 $8000
7. Royal Diamond 4 $10000
8. Ambassador 4 $10000
9. Royal Ambassador 4 $10000
10. Crown Ambassador 4 $10000

6. Generation Matching Bonus

Generation Matching Bonus is paid up to the 4 Generations of Affiliates who have to rank Emerald to above. Here is a table of the percentage of the amount to be paid as a bonus is predefined as given below.

Generation Emerald Diamond Presidential Diamond Royal Diamond Ambassador Royal Ambassador Crown Ambassador
1 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
2 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 3%
3 3% 3% 3% 3% 3%
4 2% 2% 2% 2%

By the way, Generation Matching Bonus also has a Capped according to the Affiliate’s Rank.

Serial No. Affiliate Rank Generation Bonus Cap
1. Emerald $2000
2. Diamond $4000
3. Presidential Diamond $6000
4. Royal Diamond $8000
5. Ambassador $15000
6. Royal Ambassador $25000
7. Crown Ambassador $50000

7. Monthly Expense Plan (MEP)

A monthly Expense Plan is a huge amount of commission given to affiliates in diamonds or more. The amount ranges are $1000 to $10000 per cycle.

Joining of Berules

You can join as B Affiliates of the company which is known as IBI(Independent Brand Influencer). The joining fee of the Berules is around $45 which also depends on the country.

Is Berules a Pyramid scheme?

Probably Yes. Berules is a Pyramid Scheme. The company has not sold any product to earn a retail commission. The company is not a retail product to earn a commission, nor is the service offered probably of no use.

Existing affiliates earn commissions by selling subscription plans to new customers and this chain continues. They entice affiliates to make more people earn more, which is a huge redflag that reveals that Berlusconi is a pyramid scheme.

Moreover, the company has one type of income, which is called, 2 Free Bonus Income. Basically, when a Affiliates add 2 new Affiliates and sell a subscription that is useless, the company will give some percentage of commission to the upline, this is how the Berules Pyramid scheme works. The Founders of this type of company closed the company and escape away with People’s money. Islam Brothers have already made a lot of money and many people are going to be the victims of this kind of fraud.

Scam Records of Founders

The Islam Brothers were featured when they were active promoters of OneCoin, a major global fraud. They later moved into another company, named, Helo which was a business selling wristwatches and smart bands. But, the company suddenly disappeared and did not show any updates. After that, they again started a company, Melias, which focus on selling currency training software which was nothing more than a money transfer project. After the fall of Melius, they immediately began to Befactor and later Berules.


Berules MLM business model seems simple and attractive because it only involves buying subscriptions, using the service, and selling to new customers. But, the fact is not as beautiful as they seem.  I hope you have found complete information about Subscription-based Beruls Company and Beruls compensation plan from this article.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Does anyone in the company approach you to join the company?

Let me know in the comment Right now.

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