April 20, 2024


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Alternative Therapy – Cure Through Dream Analysis

Dreams are very important images produced by the unconscious side of the human psychic sphere in order to send information and guidance to the human conscience.

The reason they are incomprehensible for the human conscience is due to the existence of a wild conscience in the human psychic sphere, which occupies its biggest part and is totally evil and absurd. This is a very violent and primitive conscience that is still active in the psychic sphere. It is not a distant fossil: it is a live enemy.

The wild conscience, which I designate the anti-conscience because it works against the human conscience, constantly tries to invade and dominate the human conscience in order to destroy it through craziness.

The wise unconscious sends mysterious messages to the human conscience because the anti-conscience could distort their meaning if they were comprehensible by the human conscience. The unconscious has its own language that the human conscience has to learn to decipher.

Carl Jung made a vast research concerning dream symbols and he really discovered the translation of the language of the unconscious.

I continued his research completing his work and simplified his complicated and obscure method of dream analysis. He was a pioneer in his field: hence, he could not be as clear as I am.

I found his work ready and I followed his steps and discovered the wild anti-conscience and the unique cure for schizophrenia and psychosis.

Through dream analysis, anyone can be cured of any disease. We can prevent depression, craziness and suicidal tendencies, besides discovering the cure for our physical diseases because the wise unconscious that produces the dreams is a doctor that tries to save us from the domination of the wild anti-conscience and knows exactly what is necessary to stop us from being dominated by the dangerous wild conscience that provokes disease.

This happens because all diseases are consequences of mistakes made by the ignorant and selfish human conscience when it accepts the domination by the anti-conscience by paying attention to its evil suggestions, which don’t appear this way in the beginning. They are camouflaged as smart solutions for the person’s problems.

Mind and body are connected and dependent on one another. Everything in our planet is connected because there are several systems that try to protect the human conscience from craziness, since craziness is inherited in the human psychic sphere and tends to worsen as the person grows. All these systems function by giving information to the human being and curing him or her with their messages that can be translated the same way as dreams.

Through dream analysis, the wise unconscious helps the human conscience develop all its characteristics and thus the person stops making mistakes that subsequently cause illness.

This is why we can cure strange cases that nobody can diagnose using this method. All unexplainable diseases have an origin and an exact cure that we can discover analysing the person’s dreams and their biography.